Update as of 19 Aug 2020: Hampton Roads Composite squadron cadets are currently meeting in person for their weekly squadron meetings from 6:30pm-9pm at the Chesapeake Regional airport. In conjunction with CDC guidelines and in response to COVID-19, all members and prospective members are asked to wear masks, adhere to social distancing measures and respond to the weekly squadron email. If you are a cadet or senior member attending the in person squadron meeting, you MUST respond to our squadrons weekly email in order to attend. If you are a prospective cadet or senior member interested in our squadron and wish to visit, please contact Public Affairs officer, 1st Lt Nancy Flanagan at nancy.flanagan@vawg.cap.gov prior to attending the meeting.

Currently, our senior members are meeting virtually every Thursday evening from 6:30pm-8:30pm. If you are a prospective senior (adult) member interested in learning more about Civil Air Patrol and what we do, please contact 1st Lt Nancy Flanagan at the email address listed above for a link to our virtual meetings. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Our country is experiencing a new normal because of the effects of COVID19. Social distancing has become a very necessary and important element of our day to day lives in order to flatten the curve of the disease. Hampton Roads Composite Squadron is adhering to Civil Air Patrol's order to stand down and observe the guidelines of the CDC with respect to social distancing and not meeting face to face. We are currently conducting our weekly meeting virtually. If you are interested in visiting our squadron virtually, please email our Public Affairs officer, 1st Lt Nancy Flanagan at nancy.flanagan@vawg.cap.gov and request a visitation link for the week's squadron meeting.

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a volunteer organization of like-minded people who support America’s communities with emergency response, aviation. ground services, youth development, and promotion of air, space and cyber power.

Hampton Roads Composite Squadron would like to invite adults and teens from all walks of life, skill levels, physical abilities and professions. If you would like to develop your skills in web design, marketing, communications, education, safety, leadership, administration, logistics and nearly every other occupation you can imagine, we need you. If you are former military and miss the foundries of military life, we need you. If you are a teen and want to build your confidence and skills in a supportive and steadfast environment, learn something new and have fun with others who will work and train alongside you; we need you. Interested in what we do? We invite you to join us for one of our weekly squadron meeting to discover how we make a difference every day.

A Few Words from HRCS's Commander...

Thank-you for visiting Hampton Roads Composite Squadron's website. We hope you find it helpful and informative. Interested in what we do or would like to visit us? Click on the "Contact Us" link to the left of this page. We will be happy to help!

HRCS focuses on CAP's three main missions: Emergency Services, Cadet Programs and Aerospace education. Our squadron earned the Quality Cadet Unit Award for 2019. Come out see what makes our squadron the best kept secret this side of Chesapeake, Va.

Civil Air Patrol is a youth organization ages 12 and up that serves the community and is a vital force that is ready and prepared to respond during a disaster, mobilize our assets while assisting in real world search and rescue operations and by preserving CAP's core values by developing young leaders for tomorrow's future.

We invite you to visit our squadron meeting to see what we do. Our squadron meets every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm at the Chesapeake Regional Airport. Our Senior Staff Meetings are on the first Thursday of each month during the same hours and location. Thank you for your interest in Civil Air Patrol.

Capt Matthew McCracken

Commander, Hampton Roads Composite Squadron



Always Prepared to Serve...

Hampton Roads Composite Squadron is a Civil Air Patrol unit and part of the USAF Auxiliary. CAP has three main missions that serve the cadet and senior community: Aerospace, Emergency Services and Cadet Programs. Adult members from all walks of life train in specialty areas and help support our squadron in many different capacities. From mentoring cadets and training in emergency services to driving the squadron van, senior members are the backbone of our squadron.

(From left to right) Lt Col Marion Carter, 2d Lt Tim Andersen, 2d Lt David Pereira, Capt Matthew McCracken, Maj Tpny Garriz, Maj Mike McCabe, Capt Jon Lamb, Lt Col Chuck Kennard, 1st Lt Kevin Hawkins and Lt Col Alan Risley.

"What you do has far greater impact than what you say." -Stephen Covey

HRCS at Virginia Wing Encampment 2019...
Hampton Roads Composite squadron cadets and senior members participated in Virginia Wing's 2019 Summer Encampment in Fort Pickett, Virginia.

Emergency Services
VA-141 cadets and senior members trained in emergency services and communications during Virginia Wing's Group II (SAREX) search and rescue training exercise in February 2020.

(Below: VA-141 Emergency Services officer, 2d Lt Tim Andersen talks to cadets about how to call in your position over the radio and what to do when clues are found along the search area.)

Search and Rescue Teams Train to Look for Clues During Exercise
Va Wing Group II Cadets and senior members learn to search for clues and conduct a line search in order to complete their objective. The (SAREX) search and rescue exercise was designed to give
Group 2 senior members and cadets the chance to participate in an active, functional search and rescue ground team in the event of emergency. Members participated in the simulated training exercise. From planning and implementation to field work and execution. The day long training simulated several scenarios for cadets such as a missing aircraft, emergency locator transmission beacon, and missing persons and recovery searches alongside adult members. Pictured at left, Ground team Alpha readies their team to search for a missing person during the simulated missing person search. Ground teams conduct different types of searches like hasty searches, line searches and grid searches depending on the location and tasking. Ground teams keep in constant communications with base camp to ensure accurate reporting and safety. Keeping a periodic count of ground team members ensures the safety of our members in the field. Hampton Roads Composite Squadron prides itself in having trained ground team members and air crew that are mission ready.

Communications Training

Va Wing Director of Communications training, Lt Col Marion Carter mentored cadets and senior members and discusses how to pass messages during a mission, how to accurately keep a log and outlined the key elements of an effective communications plan. (pictured below)

Pictured below: Setting up a Communications base, utilizing a communications plan, learning how to talk on the radio and how to construct and set up a VHF antenna are just a few of the many skills cadets and senior members learned during the SAREX.

Cadets trained and served as mission radio operators during this training exercise, learning how to keep a log and managing in going and out going messages to the ground teams. Pictured below: C/SSgt Andersen logs in and updates WIMRS.

Hampton Roads Composite Squadron (MARVA-141) is proud of our cadet program. Our cadets participate in a wide range of activities to include: marching in parades, wreath laying ceremony for Wreaths Across America, air shows, bivouacs, orientation flights, emergency services training, cybersecurity camps and much more...

VA-141 Participates in South Norfolk Fourth of July Parade

(Pictured below: Cadets marched at the South Norfolk Fourth of July parade 2019).

(Pictured Below) Cadets and adult members at the Portsmouth Memorial Day parade 2019.